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Transparency is important!

Not only because we believe in this ourselves, but also because we think it is important that consumers become aware of the necessary change. Governments are getting involved in making the industry more sustainable, and so we can expect laws and regulations. We think this is a good thing!

We are critical in our choice of supply chain partners. We work with GRS-certified factories, but also with smaller factories that have the ambition to get certified in the near future. In this way we help each other to achieve our common goal.

We take you along in the journey of your garment through our entire supply chain.
To make this transparent, we have entered into a partnership with

tex.tracer offers a transparent platform where we, common|era , suppliers and consumers are brought together.
The platform provides full insight into our chain, provided with certificates and information, entered by our supply chain partners themselves.

It is important and also fun to see where your clothes come from!
icon cotton

Fibres | The origin of many textile materials. There are natural fibres, like cotton and wool, and man-made fibres like polyester and nylon. In our supply chain, the materials come from various waste streams to be processed as raw materials for the production of yarns.

Yarns | Our partner who produces the yarns starts by mixing the fibres. After that they are spun into a yarn. The fibres are already sorted by colour.

Fabrics | In order to create a fabric, a knitting or weaving process takes place. For that we work with two different factories.

icon finishing

Finishing | Often referred to as ‘wet processing’. Fabrics get a treatment which includes washing and fixing against shrinkage. No harmful chemicals are used in the production of our fabrics.

Clothing | Now the finished fabrics are used to produce our garments! We work with two garment suppliers. One for knitted garments (T-shirts and sweaters) and one for woven garments (blouses and shirts).

Retail | After strict quality control, our clothing is delivered to our logistics partner. We ship it to you in sustainable and reusable packaging!

YOU | You are the one wearing our garments. Feel good wearing it! Use it with care, to enjoy it as often and long as possible.

icon recycling

Repair, reuse and recycle | Treat your garment with care. Something to be fixed? Have it repaired first! You, or somebody else, can certainly enjoy it for a much longer time. When it is really beyond repair, it is ready to be recycled.

our partners

RB Fibres

We start with RB Fibres in Spain. One of the partners of our yarn supplier. Textile production waste is processed here into usable fibres. Their machine alone processes up to 500,000 Kg each month.

Belda Llorens

At Belda Llorens, our Spanish yarn supplier, textile fibres are mixed with other types of fibres, such as recycled PET polyester. The yarns we use for our fabrics are a mix of pre- and post-consumer waste. The cotton in our yarns is undyed. The PET polyester is dyed through a process that hardly uses water. The mix of the two fibre types provides the colours in our collection.
Garens in garenfabriek Belda Llorens

Avelana Knitting

Avelana Knitting Factory in Portugal. This partner knits the yarns into the fabrics that we use for our T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies.
Breimachine bij Avelana Knitting Factory in Portugal


Vilarinho in Portugal. Here the yarns are woven into fabrics that we use for our blouses and shirts.
weven van stof


Camorsil is our partner in producing our T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. The professionals that work here produce high quality fashion; we love working with them.
naaiatelier bravebehaviour


Bravebehavior produces our blouses and shirts. A small factory with the nicest people and highly skilled workers.
Lachtende vrouw met nectar Solis sweater aan.


You are now able to wear fashion made under fair and safe circumstances. Feel good in it as long as you possibly can! If you won’t wear it any longer, somebody else still can! And remember, feel free to return it to us at the end of its life. We’ll make sure to give it another round!
Here are our supply chain partners located:
Google maps afbeelding met punten waar de fabrieken staan waar common|era mee samenwerkt.
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