Waste is out of fashion

our materials

Our clothing is unique! And so are our fabrics.
But what makes it so unique and what are its specific characteristics?

The answer is simple. It consists of as much recycled materials as possible.
The cotton we use is residual waste that remains after the production of textile products, such as fabrics. Besides this we use recycled polyester.

It is best to wash in a decent laundry bag.
This ensures that your clothes remain better protected during washing.
Washing in a laundry bag is also better for the environment!

Always follow the washing instructions on the care label carefully.
Wash your clothes inside out always and your garments will last longer!

Also visit the Clevercare site www.clevercare.info
Here you will find tips to enjoy your clothes for longer in a smart and ecological way, to save time, energy consumption and costs.
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