our impact

Our garments are made of recycled and sustainable materials. Check how much water, CO2 and energy we save by using existing raw materials.

With just one T-shirt you save up to

liter water
gram CO2
phone charges

compared to a regular T-shirt

why care?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Each step in the production process has influence on our planet and its recourses. Enormous amounts of water, energy and chemicals are used to process raw materials. This has a major environmental and social impact.

Did you know that on average clothes are worn only 7 times before being discarded?

Reuse and repair before recycling is important and we encourage this. It can significantly extend a garment's life cycle. To extend the life cycle of our clothing, we like to work with partners that are specialized in this. We will keep you posted via our newsletter and social media.

In the Netherlands alone, millions of kilograms are collected, for example for charity. However, by far most of it ends up in landfills or incineration plants.

Textile recycling reduces waste and production of virgin textile fibres. From the start we use recycled materials as much as possible. This leads to less impact.

Clothing recycling is not that easy. Less than 1% of all collected clothing is recycled into a new piece of clothing.

We are working towards the possibilities of recycling our clothing at the end of its life cycle. At this moment it can mainly be processed into raw materials for other (textile) products. We are happy to keep you posted about the developments via our newsletter and socials.

unfair fashion

By now, everyone knows that the fashion industry is not the most safe or fair industry. Worldwide, 60 to 75 million people work in the fashion industry, of which 85% are women. For many of them, low wages, sexual harassment or forced labour are very common.

Don't ask, don't tell

We cannot produce in factories like that. We are happy to show you where we produce our products, what they are made of, and what kind of impact they have. Our suppliers share the same values. Wherever people work, there's always room for improvement. Both in terms of environmental impact, and working conditions. The key to improvement is transparency, sharing thoughts, showing commitment to jointly achieve our goal: a more social and sustainable industry. And of course, a beautiful piece of clothing!

Parts of a garment that make it feel good.

reasonable  hours
a fair wage
safe work
freedom of association
no discrimination
free will
no child labour
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